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Senior Living

A Robust, Full Service Region for Retirees

The Yakima Valley is a beautiful and affordable place for folks looking for small town hospitality, big city amenities and first class healthcare.  Seniors within the region enjoy a rich lifestyle replete with friendly people, fun activities, culture, and opportunities for enrichment.   Whether its taking walks, shooting a round of golf, going on an elderhostel outing, shopping for grandkids, or enjoying company at a local senior center, the Yakima Valley offers daily adventures and activities for our Valley's older population.

As the number of retirees increase both regionally and nationally, Yakima is well positioned as a retirement destination with a number of adult-focused communities to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Golf courses, biking and walking paths, swimming pools, and more are some of the amenities offered by many of these communities.

Long Term Care and Complementary Services

Specialized care and helpful resources for seniors are easy to find in the Yakima Valley with organizations ready to help navigate seniors through finding the care they need. 
We offer a wide range of services which include in-home health care, retirement senior living facilities, assisted living, nursing homes with skilled nursing care, and specialized dementia care communities. 
We encourage you to learn more about senior care in the Yakima Valley through these well established programs and services by clicking on their names:

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"My husband and I were actually looking for a vacation property in the Yakima area. We fell in love with the community, quit our jobs and moved here from Seattle." - Theresa Pritchard, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital