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Child Care

Families Enjoy Extensive Preschool and Childcare Options

With over 550 licensed day care facilities in Yakima County, parents and caregivers can find plenty of resources to take care of younger children.  There are many affordable daycare centers within the region, offering programs for infant care through school age children.   Many daycare providers and preschools within the Valley are open year round and provide summer programs.

Here are some helpful links to locate preschool or child care resources within Yakima County:

To download a list of private preschools maintained by Education Service District 105, click here


If you have children or are caring for kids you may be interested in these resources:

Subsidized care options may also be available.  Enterprise for Progress in the Community and the Inspire Development Centers provide Head Start and early childhood education services throughout the region.  The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) also assists with child care programs and some financial support for lower income working families. 

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