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Help for New Residents

Welcome to the neighborhood! Yakima Valley is a great place to live, work and play. Our team is committed to help you get plugged in to community organizations, family activities and a myriad of events that take place year round.

Here are some helpful links to help you get started or settled:   

Click here for maps of the Yakima Valley.                                                                               

Click here for housing information.

Click here for information on Yakima Valley school districts.

Click here for information on outdoor recreation, nightlife, shopping and more.

Click here to take a visual tour of the Yakima Valley.

Click here to find meetup Groups

Contact Us

...for a password for access to our extensive Ambassador Network. These volunteers are here for you. Connect with out ambassadors to find a church, volunteer opportunities, childcare options and much more. Also contact our office if you need help with relocation or getting plugged into our community. Again, welcome to the Valley. We are glad you're here!

"My husband and I were actually looking for a vacation property in the Yakima area. We fell in love with the community, quit our jobs and moved here from Seattle." - Theresa Pritchard, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital