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Joe Schmitt

Joe Schmitt

Joe Schmitt writes a weekly blog called The Good Life, featuring information about the region’s history, culture, climate and economy.  The blog also showcases new residents, clubs and organizations, outdoor recreational opportunities and local events.



The Good Life

Day Trip:  Roslyn

Day Trip: Roslyn - March 03, 2015

One doesn't get too many opportunities to walk around a live TV set, so make Roslyn your next day trip plan and be transported back in time to the '90's drama, Northern Exposure. Many of the buildings, offices, and homes that were used in the show are still occupied today providing loads of opportunities for great selfies. At the foot of the Cascade Mountains, Roslyn is the front door to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area with year-round reactional opportunities in mass; it's the perfect day ... Read More »

Day Trip:  White Pass

Day Trip: White Pass - December 05, 2014

Outdoor recreation abounds in the valley with each season ushering in a slew of new activities and these frigid mornings are creating the ideal conditions for winter sports. So bust out the wax, dust off the boots, grab your poles it's officially time to hit the slopes! With spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, a new high camp lodge, and an expanded trail system, White Pass is the place for winter recreation. The icing on the cake? It's a stone's throw away at less than hour's drive from most ... Read More »

Day Trip:  Ellensburg

Day Trip: Ellensburg - October 20, 2014

Once known as the unofficial coffee house capital of the U.S., Ellensburg sits almost directly in the middle of Washington State. You might use it as a last minute pit stop on your way into the Valley, a coffee stop break before heading up to Leavenworth or to the west side, or for those a little more adventurous, a date night destination - close enough to home, but far enough away to feel exotic. Why not make the next time you go to Ellensburg your final stop by planning a day trip? Getting ... Read More »

Day Trip:  (MIGHTY) Tieton

Day Trip: (MIGHTY) Tieton - August 05, 2014

What do you get when you cross a couple of goat heads with some bike tires? Flat tires, of course. But if you are Ed Marquand, you might also get an idea to purchase several buildings in a flailing downtown and start an incubator for artisan businesses. Welcome to Tieton, population: 1,191, nickname: Mighty Tieton. Since the idea popped into Marquand's tires mind in 2005, about a dozen independently owned businesses have started or expanded within the Tieton area, including a goat ... Read More »

Day Trip:  Mount Rainier National Park

Day Trip: Mount Rainier National Park - July 14, 2014

Approximately 100 miles to our west, is the majestic Mount Rainier. At 14,410 feet, Rainier is the 17 th tallest peak in the US, is an active volcano, and includes a wide range of ecosystems from glaciated peaks and wildflower meadows, to an old growth forest. Mount Rainier has five developed areas: Longmire, Paradise, Ohanapecosh, Sunrise, and Carbon/Mowich. Although the level of development in these areas ranges from basic -little more than a campground and picnic area- to extensive -hotel... Read More »

Day Trip:  Toppenish, WA

Day Trip: Toppenish, WA - May 27, 2014

"Where the west still lives in the city of museums and murals," is a pretty great summary of what makes up Toppenish. Boasting over 74 painted murals and home to three museums, Toppenish prides itself on remembering and celebrating its history. The city has made an effort to preserve its rugged western history through the town's appearance - including western style buildings, horse drawn covered wagon tours, and pictorially through the throngs of murals gracing many of the buildings exteriors... Read More »

Day Trip:  Palouse Falls

Day Trip: Palouse Falls - April 01, 2014

Thanks to a tenacious group of Washtucna 3 rd and 4 th graders, on February 12 th , 2014, the Washington State Legislature passed a bill designating Palouse Falls as the state's official waterfall. Tucked into the southeast corner of Washington, Palouse Falls is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but its beauty is worth the drive. Recognized on numerous top 10 lists, the waterfall is at its best in early spring when the water levels are high or winter when ice formations form on the canyon ... Read More »

Day Trip:  Wenatchee

Day Trip: Wenatchee - February 11, 2014

Just under three hours from Yakima, the City of Wenatchee offers a great day trip or weekend adventure. The route to Wenatchee is scenic whether you get there via Blewett Pass or through Quincy. Once there Wenatchee offers things to do for all ages. There are wonderful trails along the river, a bustling downtown filled with vintage shops, an indoor public market, breweries and wineries, several museums and a performing arts center. Wenatchee's geography was shaped by the last ice age. ... Read More »

Day Trip; Leavenworth

Day Trip; Leavenworth - January 07, 2014

Just because you've thrown out the Christmas tree and packed away all the lights and decorations doesn't mean you have pack away the holiday spirit just yet. Consider taking a day trip to one of the most "Christmassy places in America", Leavenworth. Originally an old sawmill town, Leavenworth was on the brink of economic disaster when the town decided to turn its luck around and become a full on tourist destination by re-inventing the city with a Bavarian theme. Today, the city draws over a ... Read More »

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