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Bike Enthusiasts Welcome Spring with Canyon Bike Tour

May 07, 2012

Yakima Canyon Bike Riders



The Yakima River Canyon linking Yakima to Ellensburg is truly one of our region’s scenic treasures.  Every May local bike enthusiasts look forward to dusting off their bicycles with a casual ride through the beautiful canyon sans motorized vehicles. 

May 20th marks this year’s annual Your Canyon for a Day Bike Tour. The ride is organized by, and also a fund raiser for, the Yakima County chapter of Crime Stoppers. The organization wanted a fund raiser the entire family could participate in and every year brings children using training wheels to seniors in their 90’s.  According to Dave Purcell, board chair of Crime Stoppers, “There are riders who have participated every year since the event’s inception.  Families thoroughly enjoy being able to take their time, ride the route at their own pace, and simply enjoy the river, the spring flowers, and wildlife of the Yakima Canyon without having to worry about cars.  That’s why we named the event ‘Your Canyon’ for a Day.” Yakima Canyon Bike RidersThe Seattle-based Cascade Bicycle Club, the largest bike club in the nation, lists the Canyon Bike Tour as the safest event for families due to water and snack stations set up every few miles, eight bike repair stations, and no motorized vehicles on the 17.5 mile route. 

Over the years, the event has grown drawing in over 1,500 riders with a large percentage of them from out of town.  There are participants from New York, Florida, and Illinois, in addition to a significant portion from the Puget Sound region.  The event not only supports a valuable program with Yakima County but it also supports local tourism.

  For registration information, click here.

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