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Numerous Private School Options Available in the Yakima Valley

November 15, 2011



Parents considering private schools for their children have plenty of local option.  Yakima County is home to 19 private schools, including one online institution.  There are six private high schools and over a dozen other private schools offering pre-kindergarten through eighth grade eduction. Enrollment in private schools in the Yakima Valley range from 20 students up to 450.  Almost all these schools are accredited and students enrolled at private schools must take all Washington state student assessment exams throughout their school career. In addition to incorporating faith and worship into their students’ education, almost all our private schools have a reputation for delivering challenging challenging curricula in a more personal learning environment.  Parental involvement is typically required at private schools, both in the classroom and at school events.  The Yakima region's private schools enjoy a reputation for cultivating student's leadership skills and getting students involved in their communities.  Emphasis on community service usually increases at the high school level and is typically part of each school's graduation requirements. Riverside Christian BasketballPrivate schools are deep-rooted in the Valley and are very proud of their heritage and accomplishments. 

St. Joseph/Marquette Catholic School in Yakima was founded in 1875 before Yakima formed its own public school system.  Today the PreK-8 school boasts SMART Boards in every classroom thanks to fundraising efforts. 

Sunnyside Christian School, the largest in the Lower Yakima Valley and serves K-12 students, was the first private school located there with its founding 70 years ago.  According to Del Dykstra, superintendent of the Sunnyside Christian School system, “The most rewarding aspect of working with our students is following their successes upon graduation and seeing their leadership skills put to good work in the community.” 

Yakima’s newest private high school, LaSalle High School in Union Gap, has placed 100 percent of its graduates in college or technical school for the last four years.

For a comprehensive listing of all ESD105 serviced private schools, click here.

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