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The Yakima Greenway, the "Jewel of Yakima"

February 01, 2010

Comprised of 3,600 acres of scenic open spaces, numerous parks, five lakes, two rivers, and over 10 miles of biking and walking paths, one can easily understand why the Yakima Greenway is one of the region’s top outdoor attractions. Yakima GreenwayNearly a century ago residents and community leaders recognized the beauty surrounding the Yakima River but it wasn’t until three decades ago that a public/private trust was formed to preserve and maintain the area. The Greenway’s development is an amazing success story that demonstrates the region’s penchant for volunteerism and philanthropy. Through the work of many, the Greenway now helps accent the Yakima Valley’s unique sense of place. Residents and visitors frequent the Greenway to explore its natural settings, compete in various athletic events, enjoy a picnic, or simply walk or ride a bike alongside the Yakima and Naches Rivers. The Yakima Greenway is enjoyed year-round and appeals to people of all ages. This beautiful river corridor park system is representative of the natural beauty that complements the region’s lifestyle. To learn more about the Yakima Greenway, click here.

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"I've lived in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas, but the people in this community are like non-other, they're truly family." - Sherpri Small, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic