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Mighty Tieton's 10 x 10 x 10 Show Part Of Rural Renaissance

August 22, 2011

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The results are in and awards given but the art displayed from Mighty Tieton’s 10 x 10 x 10 x Tieton juried exhibit is just a small example of the events that are happening in this rural farming community. The exhibit accepted all mediums of artwork as long as it was no larger than 10 inches in height, width, and length including frame.  The idea was Ed Marquand’s, co-founder of the Mighty Tieton Community Arts & Humanities project.  According to Ed, “Even I was surprised at both the diversity of the art and artists.  We had entrants from the Yakima Valley, the Pacific Northwest and even abroad submit their art into this uniquely Central Washington town.  The show infused new talent into Tieton mixing the core of the Valley’s art and industry.”  An August 27th reception is planned with the artists and their work will be available for viewing through September.  Flinderspindle by Renee Adams 

Over the years Mighty Tieton and the Tieton Arts & Humanities organization has created several events which bring creative talent into the community collaborating on projects with local citizens.  The group has been purposeful in working to foster economic development through events and fostering small artisan businesses.  Currently the 10 x 10 x 10 Tieton juried exhibit and Journey Stories, a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution about how individuals and families moved to the Yakima Valley, are open to the public.  Next month the annual LiTFUSE: A Poets’ Workshop will attract poets to attend classes and learn from the region’s masters.  This weekend-long event continues to grow every year. This spring they hosted the Textiles Tieton exhibit through June and according to Sylvia Imbrock, events coordinator, “Textiles Tieton drew hundreds of folks from throughout Washington and Oregon, in addition to seeing a larger percentage of local folks visiting Mighty Tieton for the first time.  Local support for the project was very positive.” How The West Was Won by Theresa Batty

 Located on the northern tip if the Yakima Valley, Tieton is a small farming community with a true town-square surrounded by rolling hills of orchards.  When Ed Marquand biked through Tieton several years ago, he saw a vision of a thriving arts and living community.  Through his vision, and support from Seattle and local investors, Mighty Tieton quickly became a destination for artists beyond just the Pacific Northwest.  Their goal of fostering economic development seems to be working; the city of Tieton’s sales tax revenue has increased 33 percent when comparing the first half of the last decade with the second half.  We commend their vision and hard work and look forward to what the next decade brings.

* Flinderspindle by Renee Adams How The West Was Won by Theresa Batty

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