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Yakima Valley Fitness - Finding The Perfect Fit

July 18, 2011




From pilates and yoga studios to boutique bootcamps and full-service health clubs, finding the perfect fit for fitness in the Yakima Valley is an easy matter these days. Whether you’re in the market to join a gym or to sign on for a series of specialty classes, the biggest challenge to investing in your health may just be narrowing down the range of exciting local fitness options.

Mind and Body — Not long ago, those seeking a fusion of mind-body fitness had few options in the Valley. Today, practices such as yoga and pilates are well within reach. Whether you prefer the convenience of yoga classes at the gym or the soothing space of a local studio, you’ll find classes throughout the valley that offer something for everyone—from yoga 101 to yoga for kids and the increasingly popular hot yoga. Yoga poseWith more than 1,000 hours of teaching experience, Heather Powell of Feather Yoga Studio, teaches seven-week sessions with a signature hands-on approach. “I take special care to adjust my students with props and adjustments to find alignment in the yoga postures based on their individual range of strength, balance, and flexibility,” Powell says. While Yakima Yoga’s doors are currently closed, find familiar faces among the instructors at Surya Yoga in the CS Pilates studios. “I love our new space and the whole CS Pilates crew,” says Megan Tweedy, Surya Yoga owner. “It’s such a warm and welcoming environment and our clients seem to love it.” Surya offers a range of classes with a “yoga for all” approach, helping students of all levels find balance. Newcomer Yoga Hot Spot has earned quite a following with hot yoga classes offered at a variety of levels, as well as kid’s yoga. CS Pilates is the local pilates destination. Renowned for its ability to strengthen the core, increase endurance and improve overall balance and coordination, Pilates can become a transformative lifestyle experience. “The benefits carry over into all aspects of your life and activities,” says Cathy Schlieman, owner of CS Pilates. “People feel more confident in the way their body moves.”

Back to Basics — For those seeking fitness in the traditional sense, the bootcamp experience can’t be beat. Enjoy the camaraderie and mutual encouragement of training in a group setting while benefiting from targeted coaching that focuses strengthening, calisthenics, and interval training. Find bootcamp training at local health clubs and with private trainer, Karin Kupp of Dare2Move Fitness. Another new local offering, CrossFit uses Olympic-style weight lifting, gymnastics and conditioning to achieve fitness by meeting physical goals in the areas of endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Yakima CrossFit opened its doors recently and the YMCA plans to offer CrossFit classes beginning in October. Zumba LogoLetting Loose — On the scene since 2001, the Zumba Fitness craze doesn’t show any sign of slowing. Fans love the exhilarating, Latin-inspired dance program for its effectiveness and its accessibility. A perfect fit for those who haven’t necessarily enjoyed “exercise” in traditional formats, Zumba appeals to all ages and fitness levels and is increasingly popular among teens and tweens seeking a healthy, fun way to work out. You can find Zumba classes throughout the valley, at local health clubs, in dance studios and from independent instructors. Another movement-based practice, Nia draws on the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Find Nia and even belly dance classes at CS Pilates. All

Inclusive — From Yakima and Terrace Heights to Sunnyside, local health clubs and gyms meet the needs of those who enjoy variety on the road to fitness. You can find everything from yoga, bootcamp, Zumba and more, along with personal training and even TRX programs. The Yakima Athletic Club (YAC) and YAC Fitness are the only two clubs in the Valley to offer TRX Team, a small group TRX training program. “It has totally transformed our members’ outlook on working out,” says Anne Whiteside, YAC Program Director and TRX Team coach. “ Fitness in the

Yakima Valley Find your perfect fit for fitness at these Yakima Valley favorites: Feather Yoga Studio Seven-week sessions as well as workshops and retreats - next session begins August 1st.  Look for Powell's fall yoga weekend to be announced. CS Pilates Pilates for all levels, cardio pilates, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Zumba, prenatal pilates, and medical massage. Yoga Hot Spot Hot yoga classes and yoga for kids Dare2Move Fitness Group boot camp training at local parks Yakima CrossFit CrossFit training and the Yakima CrossFit Barbell Club Yakima Athletic Club and YAC Fitness A variety of fitness classes including Zumba and TRX team Yakima YMCA Boot camp, Zumba, aerobics, and more - CrossFit to begin in October Sunnyside Fitness Traditional gym offerings and small-group boot camp experience Other Valley fitness destinations include Anytime Fitness in Sunnyside and Yakima, West Valley Fitness, Ladies Workout Express, Curves of Union Gap, Curves of Prosser/Grandview, Curves of Selah/Gleed, Shape IT Up Fitness in Zillah, Mid Valley Nautilus in Zilla and Valley Racquet & Fitness Club in Sunnyside.

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