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Yakima Valley Museum Helps Us Celebrate Our Heritage

January 18, 2010

1880_buggyFor over half a century the Yakima Valley Museum has been our region’s trusted keeper of local artifacts dating from prehistoric times to the present. According to Director John Baule, “The Yakima Valley Museum is the community’s memory. There is no other place in our community whose primary purpose is to maintain that memory and to preserve the written and material culture of all the peoples who have lived here.” The museum allows visitors to visualize and learn about the region’s early years with their varied and comprehensive exhibits. 

For example, children can experience Yakima in earlier times through a program allowing them to dress in period clothes and play in a child-size version of early Yakima City. In addition to its exhibits, the museum offers a number of programs and events designed not only to engage the community in its history but provide entertainment for all ages. Some of these events include lecture series and storytelling programs, an annual Folklife Music Festival, events combining history and song, and activities designed to commemorate the Yakima Valley’s diverse history. The Yakima Valley Museum is a community treasure. It enriches our community and reminds us of the wonderful roots and heritage we enjoy in the Yakima Valley.

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