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Lower Yakima Valley Community Concert Association Herald's Its 65th Year

March 14, 2011


Right after World War II civic leaders from Granger to Prosser joined forces to found the Lower Valley Community Concert Associations (LVCCA).  The group’s founders felt that bringing music and dancing venues to their communities would help returning soldiers acclimate to civilian life. Live On Stage LogoThe association has benefited from generous volunteers who help them bring several renowned musicians to the region for special community concerts each year.  The LVCCA’s dedicated volunteers typically organize their following year’s events by September.

The Community Concert’s Association benefits from its affiliation with Live On Stage, a national concert association.  As a result, the LVCCA can chose from an eclectic group of musicians from around the world. DrumsAccording to Headquarter Director and Treasurer Barbara Skinner, “We host musicians from a variety of countries including Spain, Ireland, and Norway.  They vary in their musical pursuits and teach us about their native countries.  All this is designed to enlighten our community about the art of music.”  One musician was a percussionist from Utah who had traveled the world collecting various forms of drums, more than 30 of them. 

Most of these had to constantly be stored in a very high humidity environment, and when he played on stage the lights were dimmed greatly in order to keep it cool.  By doing this, his music sounded as if he was playing with a full percussion orchestra and the concert was hailed as one of the best in years.  In addition, many of these musicians will perform in local schools alongside students at no extra charge with the goal of enhancing their musical pursuits. The association is planning events later this Spring and Fall. 

To learn about these events or to volunteer, please contact Rod Chandler at or 509.837.8076.

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