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Yakima Valley Wines Garner Acclaim

February 07, 2011


Recently I read an article suggesting that the Yakima Valley's wines were relatively unknown compared to their higher profile cousins from other parts of Washington. After agreeing in part with this sentiment, I then sizzled a bit because our grapes and wines deserve more respect. Yakima County produces more wine grapes than any other county in the state. Our region also produces more different wine grape varietals than any other area in Washington. Wine GrapesGrapes grown in Yakima County produce some of Washington State's finest white and red wines. We also enjoy many fantastic wineries that turn out award winning wines. Our recent research shows that lots of our local wineries are winning critical acclaim across the country. Other Washington wineries using grapes from our region are also getting top scores and accolades. Glass of Wine

Take a look at the attached spreadsheet profiling great wines made in or sourced from Yakima County. We found over 130 wines that scored 90+ points or won accolades at wine competitions last year. Please feel free to use this as a shopping list, but you better hurry. It's our experience that wines receiving notoriety literally fly off the store shelves. If you cannot find the exact bottle you are looking for, take solace that we will continue to make world class wines and provide you with opportunities down the road to enjoy our fruits of the vine. Wine scores 2010 Don't forget the annual Red Wine & Chocolate weekend is coming up February 19th - 21st. 

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