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From Past to Present - Antiques in the Yakima Valley

January 10, 2011


Whether you’re in it for the lure of the hunt, the thrill of discovery or for the investment, collecting antiques can quickly become a passion. From estate sales and antique fairs to the Yakima Valley’s large number of quaint antique shops, collectors here have a particularly diverse selection at their fingertips.

Finding Something Special If you’re new to collecting, there’s no right or wrong way to begin—but, a quick tour of Yakima’s favorite shops can get you started, whether you’re looking for vintage gems or rare collectibles. The most sought after antique items are typically those with historical significance, those of the finest workmanship, and those which are particularly unique or rare, but your most treasured finds may be those that evoke nostalgic memories or capture your favorite traditions. Garden Girl Antique ShopThe most important thing is to seek items that you personally find significant, says Lenette Roehl, owner of Garden Girl. “Your favorite pieces might be that special little thing that sparks a memory or tells a story you love. There’s a story behind everything,” she says. If you’re looking to antiques as investments, “it takes time to know what you’re looking for,” says Ginnie Toney, who runs Yakima’s Antique Marketplace. “One good thing about collecting is that when you start, you might just buy what you like. But, as you evolve, you’re more selective and learn how to judge the condition. Chips might have been OK when you started, but not now.”

Antiques at Home Whether you’re drawn to the eclectic and eccentric or to high design, the antique esthetic remains popular in home décor.  From shabby chic finds to beautifully preserved turn of the century furnishings, drawing from the past to find those perfect items that resonate on a deeply personal level allows you to create a style that is truly individual. Several shops in the Yakima Valley cater to those looking for that perfect piece to help blend past and present in the home. “People are loving the mix of old and new,” says Jennifer Benson-Schweppe, owner of one of Yakima’s newest shops, English Country Market. “You can find vintage pieces you love and make them part of your everyday living. That’s the way I decorate and I like to say we specialize in ‘beautiful, useful goods for everyday’ here at the shop, too,” she says.

Collecting in Yakima Yakima Antique CupWhether you’re new to collecting or are a long-time enthusiast, take time to visit some the Yakima Valley’s favorite antique shops. In Yakima, shops such as Yesterday’s Village and Yakima’s Antique Marketplace, host several vendors, each offering something unique in their diverse collections. “With so many vendors, we have a very eclectic selection,” says Toney, whose own shop, Talk of The Town, is among the vendors at Yakima’s Antique Marketplace. Toney also plans to open a coffee bar in the shop. At shops such as Pieces of The Past and Patina, you’ll find goods catering to the ladies in town. At others, like Antiques Etc. and Déjà vu, another new addition to the Yakima market, you’ll find a little of everything. “We have things for everyone, men and women. I even encourage people to bring their kids in. We love to see them start collecting at an early age,” says Judy Pare, Déjà vu owner. If you’re looking for a mix of old and new, check out English Country Market or Garden Girl. You’ll find more shops all around the valley, from Selah and Naches to Toppenish and Wapato. Visit Dean and Mark Grimshaw at The Hobbit Antique Shop in Naches for an extensive collection of fine antique American oak furniture. Pat Erickson, of Country Garden Antiques in Wapato, brings antiques from England for her followers. You’ll find pine and mahogany furnishings, pottery, quilts and other carefully selected goods for the home.

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