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Yakima County Ranks 13th Nationally On "Most Secure Places To Live" List

December 20, 2010


The Yakima Valley ranked six spots higher than last year on Farmers Insurance most secure places to live study.  In 2009 Yakima County ranked 19th and for 2010 we moved up to 13th out of 127 places with similar populations.  The study ranks small, medium, and large communities and Yakima was ranked among regions with populations between 150,000 to 500,000. Yakima Valley with Mt. RainierCriteria used in the study includes crime, extreme weather, risk of national disaster, environmental hazards, air quality, housing depreciation, foreclosures, terrorist threats, life expectancy and unemployment rates.  Yakima County’s relatively stable job due in part to a strong agricultural-based economy along with one of the more stable housing markets helped propel Yakima up the list.  While home values did see in small decrease in 2009, 2010 values have made up the loss and even made modest gains over 2009.  Yakima was recognized in two other studies as one of the top places to start over, due to a stable job market, and one of the best places to live, citing sunshine, wine, and a downtown renaissance. “These studies confirm that our Valley is a smart choice for families and businesses,” says David McFadden, president of Yakima County Development Association.  “With Yakima’s strong real estate market, relatively stable employment environment, and favorable and predictable weather patterns it’s no surprise that Yakima ranks amongst the most secure places in terms of places to live.  It’s why we live here.”

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"I can look outside my windows and see the beautiful mountains...Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams right there, pretty neat!" - Chad Silver, Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center