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New Resident Tamara Kope

New Resident Tamara Kope

June 15, 2015

Our association writes a blog series on people who have relocated to our Valley.  This month it is our pleasure to introduce you to Tamara Kope. She recently relocated from Dalhart, Texas. Help us welcome Tamara and her husband Tony to our Valley.

  • Name & Age Tamara Kope
  • Profession/Job Title Quality/Technical Services Manager, Tree Top, Inc., Selah Plant
  • How long have you been in Yakima? I arrived February 14th, 2015.  My husband wanted to have a bouquet of flowers waiting for me for Valentines Day,but I forgot to tell him where I was staying.
  • Where did you move from? Dalhart, Texas
  • Why did you move here? We decided we didn’t want to settle in Texas and chose to focus on moving to Washington.  After learning more about the Yakima area we really wanted to settle here. I was fortunate enough to attain a position at Tree Top, Inc. to make that happen.  
  • Who did you move here with? My husband Tony Kope
  • How do you like to spend your free time? Gardening, golfing, kayaking, jogging, target shooting.
  • What is something you couldn’t wait to try until you moved up here? There is so much on our To Do list.  Each week we learn more of what there is to offer and our list grows.
  • Share your favorite restaurant/shop/bar/coffeehouse and tell us why. Ask me again in a year or two after we have tried everywhere. We haven’t found a place we don’t like.
  • Anything you’re looking forward to trying that you have not done yet? Kayaking the Yakima River, hiking around Mt Rainer, visiting Mt. Saint Helens. My husband wants to get involved with playing bass somewhere in town. 
  • What has been the best part or your best experience of living in Yakima so far? This weekend we met a couple at church and ended up spending the day with them.  We took a drive towards Mt Rainer.  I think we moved here at the perfect time to see spring blossom.
  • If someone was on the fence about moving to Yakima, what would you tell them? If you visit you will fall in love.  It has everything you need and more in a beautiful setting.  It is close to all types of ecological areas as well as entertainment.

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