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Annual Springer Run a Right of Passage for Local Anglers

Annual Springer Run a Right of Passage for Local Anglers

April 29, 2015

Fishing takes on a whole new meaning in the Yakima Valley with what’s known as the annual springer run. It’s already underway on the Columbia River and many of its tributaries, but the annual springer run gets even closer to home when the lower Yakima River opens on May 2nd and the upper Yakima River a week later on May 9th.  A “springer” refers to the Chinook, or king salmon during the spring spawning run. The fish is highly sought after due to its delectable flavor, which is matched only by its reputation as a fierce fighter. When you hook into a big king salmon you’d better be ready for a challenging fight. 

I caught up with Reid Mykel of Grumpy’s Outdoor Supply and he said that the locals are catching springers in the Columbia gorge near the Drano and Wind River areas.  Mykel suggests that  anglers use Mag Lips (manufactured locally by the Yakima Bait Company in Granger) and herring for the best chance of hooking into a big springer.

If you’re interested in trying your luck and are new to salmon fishing, check out the regulations first and then visit your local outdoors store to learn about current conditions, recommendations and to gear up.  You can also visit the links at the bottom of this blog for helpful information. 

The salmon runs may steal the spotlight when they’re in full swing, but our valley boasts a large variety of fishing opportunities whether you’re after warm water species like bass, pan fish, or catfish, or fishing the many area lakes and streams for trout.

The general fishing season opened April 25th, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been busy stocking local waters with hatchery trout.  Fishing is a great activity to reconnect with the great outdoors and create some memories with friends and family.  With easy access lakes and reservoirs, hike-in mountain ponds and streams, and winding rivers, the Yakima Valley has plenty of options to keep you fishing all season long.

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