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New Resident:  Andy Jones

New Resident: Andy Jones

February 10, 2015

People move to new places for all different types of reasons, a new career, school, family, or even a new way of life.  In this new series, we will be interviewing someone who just re-located to the Valley to find out what it’s like to be a new resident in our community.  Please help me in welcoming, Andy Jones!

Name & Age:  Andy Jones, age 31

Occupation:  Osteopathic Medical Student

How long have you been in Yakima? Since July 2013

Where did you move from? Los Angeles, California

Why did you move here? To start school at Pacific Northwest University 

Who did you move here with? My sweet and creative wife Jackie

What’s been the most surprising thing about Yakima so far?  I have really been surprised by all of the tucked in amazing places that you might not find if you didn't go looking; the trails along the rivers, the cool little establishments to grab a bite to eat or a beer with friends, the art collective out in Tieton. There is a lot of fun stuff going once you know where to look.

How do you like to spend your free time?  Jackie and I have been enjoying renovating our 1930s home by Franklin Park and exploring the Pacific Northwest with our new pup Griffin.

What’s something you couldn’t wait to try when you moved here?  The wine and beer!

Tieton River

Did it live up to the hype?  The hype has been exceeded and now I am actively hyping to friends and family.

Can you share your favorite restaurant, shop, bar, or coffee house (why)?  I'll give a few of my favorites. Northtown Coffee is great place to study, have a meeting or just relax. When we first moved to Yakima we thought the old train depot was such a cool building and hoped a business would do something with it. Since then Northtown has turned a historic location into a bustling and cheerful place that is filled with energy. Gilbert Cellars is our favorite place to go for a glass of wine and delicious food and dessert. The newly opened Cowiche Canyon Kitchen and the Yakima Craft Taproom are two great additions to downtown.

Anything you’re looking forward to trying that you haven’t done yet?  Skiing at White Pass. It is a huge perk to have a place to ski so close-by but I have not taken advantage of this yet.

What’s been the best part of living in Yakima so far?  Everyone has been really welcoming and friendly. We have met so many interesting people and everyone is really positive about having the medical school in town.

If someone was on the fence about moving to Yakima, what would you tell them?  I have met so many people lately who have recently moved to Yakima or moved back after being away for a while. All of these individuals seem stoked on the things that are happening in Yakima right now. I think that this is a really good time to move here, it has been for us.

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"I've lived in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas, but the people in this community are like non-other, they're truly family." - Sherpri Small, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic