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Joe Schmitt writes a weekly blog called The Good Life, featuring information about the region’s history, culture, climate and economy.  The blog also showcases new residents, clubs and organizations, outdoor recreational opportunities and local events.



2014: A Look Back

December 23, 2014

2014 was a great year, and we enjoyed finding meaningful content to share with you through the Good Life Blog.  Here’s a look back on the types of stories we covered through year:

Recreation.  This was probably the easiest topic for me to cover because we live in an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.   Our relatively dry climate, central location, numerous sunny days, and varied terrain provides a multitude of options, both indoor and out.  Here are some of the stories I covered:


Mountain Biking in the Valley | Frisbee | Cross Country Skiing | Salsa:  It’s HOT | Roller Derby

History.  The valley is a rich and diverse place with many interesting stories to tell.  I enjoyed learning about the history of the Yakima Valley Library system, how our valley became an agricultural powerhouse, as well as finding out that we have one of the oldest remaining sets of interurban electric rail tracks still existing in the U.S.


A brief history of the Yakima Valley Libraries | A brief history of the Yakima Valley Trolley | Irrigation

Travel.  Being centrally located in the state gives us a 360 degree access to a lot of amazing places to travel.  In my day trip series, I highlighted places both near and far to visit.  Here’s a look at some of the places I recommended adding to your list:


Mt. Rainier | Leavenworth | Palouse Falls | Ellensburg | Tieton | Tri Cities | Toppenish | Wenatchee

Things to do.  Our community is full of fun things to do and you could have your calendar filled in no time.  From bustling farmer’s markets to wine tasting with friends, and even travelling the world with never having to leave the valley, I covered several things you’ll want to make a yearly occurrence on your calendar:


The Cascadians | Yakima Town Hall | U-Pick | Farmers Market | Brown Bag Concert Series

New Resident Feature.  Perhaps one of my favorite series of blogs to write was our new resident feature.  In this series, I interviewed new residents to the valley to get their take on what it’s like to live in our community.  Check out what these residents have been up to:


Kellen | Shelly | Kiva

2014 was filled with many other exciting stories, and I hope you’ll go back and re-visit some of them.  I look forward to traveling to new places with you in 2015, highlighting the fun things to see and do in our valley, and introduce you to some new people.  Happy Holidays!

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