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New Resident: Kellen Holgate

New Resident: Kellen Holgate

December 09, 2014

People move to new places for all different types of reasons, a new career, school, family, or even a new way of life.  In this new series, we will be interviewing someone who just re-located to the Valley to find out what it’s like to be a new resident in our community.  Please help me in welcoming, Kellen Holgate.

  • Name & Age:  Kellen Holgate, Age 31
  • Profession/Job Title:  Attorney, Associate Attorney at Halverson Northwest Law Group
  • How long have you been in Yakima:  Since November, 2013.
  • Where did you move from?

 Eugene, Oregon, but I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and southern California before that.

  • Why did you move here?

My wife and I grew up in Southern California, but we both always wanted to live in the Northwest.  When the work opportunity presented itself, we jumped on it.

  • Picking peaches with familyWho did you move here with?

My wife, Magen, and our two daughters, Leah and Lily.  (We just had a third daughter, Lilah, in October – so she’s a Yakima County native).

  • What’s been the most surprising thing about Yakima so far?

For a smaller city, Yakima has a bigger city feel to its downtown.  When leaving an event at the Capitol Theatre or attending the summer farmer’s market, I will sometimes look around and forget that I’m not in a bigger city.  I’ve always been a big city person, so Yakima’s downtown makes me feel right at home. 

  • How do you like to spend your free time? 

I try to be outdoors as much as possible, whether hiking with my dog, fly fishing, or watching my daughters’ sporting activities.  I also spend too much time watching college football in the fall (Go Oregon!).

  • What’s something you couldn’t wait to try when you moved here?  Did it live up to the hype?

After living in Eugene, Oregon for three years to go to law school, I was looking forward to some authentic Mexican food (Eugene is a Mexican food wasteland).  And yes, it lived up to the hype – from Antojitos to Taco Baracho to my favorite taco truck, Los Primos Dos, the Mexican food here is fantastic.

  • Can you share your favorite restaurant, shop, bar, or coffee house (why)?

I love Northtown, both the train depot location and in Selah.  It’s like a comforting slice of a bigger city that I can access anytime.

  • Anything you’re looking forward to trying that you haven’t done yet?

I’ve been meaning to float the Yakima River in a drift boat – the fly fishing is supposed to be fantastic.

  • What’s been the best part of living in Yakima so far? 

I’ve enjoyed getting to know people in my work and local community – everyone is very open and welcoming to me and my family.

  • If someone was on the fence about moving to Yakima, what would you tell them?

I have lived in many places, and Yakima takes a lot of good things from all of them while keeping its own feel.  Yakima is a fantastic place for a young professional looking to build a career while raising a family.  As a city, Yakima seems right on the verge of maturing into a vibrant, culture-rich spot.  My family and I love it here so far.

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