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New Resident:  Kiva Fallgatter

New Resident: Kiva Fallgatter

November 04, 2014

People move to new places for all different types of reasons, a new career, school, family, or even a new way of life.  In this new series, we will be interviewing someone who just re-located to the Valley to find out what it’s like to be a new resident in our community.  Please help me in welcoming, Kiva Fallgatter. 

Name & Age:  Kiva Fallgatter

Profession/Job Title:  Physician Assistant, Family Medicine

How long have you been in Yakima?

One year

Where did you move from?

Flagstaff, Arizona

Why did you move here? 

We were looking for somewhere that could offer us adventure, have affordable cost of living, and be close to my family in Seattle without having to live in the city where all our time would be spent commuting.  Plus, I was offered a great opportunity working with a well-respected community organization and amazing group of people, this made the decision a no-brainer. 

Who did you move here with? 

My husband and our dog Daisy

What’s been the most surprising thing about Yakima so far? 

The great weather.  For a desert, agricultural community, Yakima offers a great four season climate.  This says a lot considering I have lived in perfect 70 degree weather of San Diego, the extreme Phoenix heat and the chilly snowy conditions of Northern Arizona.

How do you like to spend your free time? 

We love getting outside, hiking, biking, skiing, camping… next summer we plan to take stand up paddle boards down the Yakima River.

What’s something you couldn’t wKiva Tubing with Daisyait to try when you moved here?  Did it live up to the hype? 

Explore the hiking areas in and around Yakima Valley and yes, it is worth it.

Can you share your favorite restaurant, shop, bar, or coffee house (why)? 

Taj Palace and I am a sucker for the Farmhouse Burger at Creekside Bar and Grill.

Anything you’re looking forward to trying that you haven’t done yet?

A rafting trip down the Tieton River when the dam is opened.

What’s been the best part of living in Yakima so far? 

The small town, community feel with the big town access… and NO traffic!

If someone was on the fence about moving to Yakima, what would you tell them?

The community is progressive and there are a lot of young professionals making their way over the mountain for a different kind of life experience.  There are plenty of opportunities to grow a family and a career which makes Yakima an ideal place to live.

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"We really are a jewel of the Northwest. This is an incredible place to live, to work, and to play." - Dave Edler, Yakima Foursquare Church