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The Enterprise Challenge is Celebrating its 5th Year

The Enterprise Challenge is Celebrating its 5th Year

September 04, 2014

New Vision has had to rethink its role in community economic development as times have changed over the last 25 years.  A few years ago New Vision recognized that supporting entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of economic development.  Sure, 300 new jobs resonates better than the announcement of 10 new jobs from 30 new companies, but which is more sustainable or realistic in the long term?  Initiatives to support emerging businesses are equally important to recruiting new industry or helping existing companies expand.  Since we embraced entrepreneurship, New Vision has uncovered some great public and private partners that can help support emerging companies.  By working with these partners, New Vision has developed a better "safety net" for small businesses while creating a valuable community resource for emerging companies.  All the while reinforcing the concept that entrepreneurs are the real community job creators.

How it works:

The Enterprise Challenge is a three month, multi-round business plan competition sponsored by New Vision, the Yakima County Economic Development Association and the Kittitas Chamber of Commerce. The contest is designed to identify some of the best and brightest emerging companies in the Yakima Valley. The Enterprise Challenge incorporates business classes for contestants, a business tradeshow, coaching and networking to ensure that each participating entrepreneur gets help launching their enterprise. The top three finalists with the best business plan at the end of the Enterprise Challenge will win $10,000 (1st place), $5,000 (2nd place) and $2,500 prizes (3rd place).

The Enterprise Challenge is an excellent opportunity to get your idea in front of a group of successful business and community leaders in our Valley. The goal is to identify and reward local entrepreneurs and new business owners, and help grow and strengthen those ventures by developing business plans.  The business plan contest is tailored to and targeted at start-up companies and Yakima County entrepreneurs with limited independent business experience.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the contest please contact Jean Brown in our office at:, visit our website, or call us at 509.575.1140.

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