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Pie, Menudo, BBQ, Tamales: Competitions for Your Appetite

Pie, Menudo, BBQ, Tamales: Competitions for Your Appetite

August 19, 2014

Living in the 12th largest agricultural producing county in the country, with a diverse population, provides for some exciting culinary show downs in the form of food competitions.  Over the next couple of months the valley will host several food festivals and competitions showcasing some of the regions tastiest cuisine.    You don’t have to be a master chef to get in on the action, but you do need to bring an appetite!

First up is the Pie Palooza in Tieton on August 23rd.   “Celebrating the city of Tieton’s centennial (plus one year…and plus one pie)”, this community gathering features local history, entertainment, food and a pie-baking contest.  It is $5/pie to enter the competition and the proceeds go to benefit Tieton Arts & Humanities.  Click here for more info.

Next on the docket is the Granger Menudo Festival on August 31st.  Fondly referred to as a ‘hangover relief’, this traditional Mexican soup is made with beef stomach in a red chili pepper base and usually includes lime, chopped onions, and cilantro.    This event features a car show, live entertainment, volley ball, and food vendors – a bonus, slurping soup in the shade of dinosaurs.  Click here for more info

The Apple Skewered BBQ Festival is up next on September 6th – 7th.  Boasting the heftiest prizes – including a chance to participate in the national BBQ championship, the event aims to raise funds for the Yakima Valley Museum and the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association.  Hosted by Tree Top, the competition takes place over two days in Selah at the company’s headquarters and features live music, food vendors, a classic car parade, and a hog calling contest – suuuuuueeey!  Click here for more info.  

Rounding out the festivities is the Wapato Tamale Festival on October 11th.  The festival is free to attend and features cultural dancing troops, food and craft vendors.  The event takes place in downtown Wapato with the tamale judging to begin at noon.  For more info call 509-877-4262. 

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