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Back to School 101

Back to School 101

August 12, 2014

Although the weather shows no sign of edging towards fall, back to school efforts are in full swing.  (I can almost smell the pink pearl erasers and stacks of spiral notebooks….) 

I went ahead and compiled several tips to help you and your family start the school year off on the right foot.

  • Get back in the groove – with school about to start back up, help your kids get their thinking caps on by scheduling a family reading time, quizzing them on spelling words from last year on a car ride, practicing math equations, or having them write about their summer vacation
  • Start a routine now – don’t wait until the night before school starts to start a new bedtime routine.  Get kids in the habit of laying out clothes the night before, figure out transportation, and start to establish healthy habits like eating breakfast and dinner and finding time to exercise
  • Homework – kids have homework starting in kindergarten.  Help them establish good habits by setting up a designated study/work station, limiting after school activities and TV viewing, plan a schedule, and review assignments together
  • Common Core– this is a new set of standards for language, art and math that will be implemented around the country - by following these simple steps, you’ll help your kids be on their way for successful learning before they even step into the classroom:
    • Talk about books and reading as a family or start a book of the month club
    • Encourage your kids to read non-fiction
    • Write – have your kids help you with writing out the shopping list, compose thank you notes, and encourage journaling
    • Talk about math – whether it’s in the kitchen or around the house, we use math every day.  Find ways to engage your kids by having them count the steps to the mailbox, measure out ingredients for cooking, or establish a math problem of the day for your kids to solve. 

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