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Options for Memory Care

Options for Memory Care

July 09, 2014

As we get older its quite normal to fret about memory loss.  It is common to have a few senior moments and we also typically face the prospect of friends or family members losing their memory.  If you find yourself in these situations it is good to know that the Yakima Valley’s health care and aging facilities have got you covered. 

A number of senior care facilities focus on memory care.  These facilities cater to individuals who have been diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s by creating an environment and tailoring care to specifically meet the needs of these patients. 

Chandler House was one of the first facilities to focus on specialized memory care.  Built fifteen years ago by Hyatt Management, it brought focus to a growing need within our senior community. 

More recently Fieldstone Memory Care opened unique new living quarters.  In the center of the facility is a Town Square that includes a chapel, café, salon, a theatre, and an art center.  A 50’s style theme was used throughout the square in an attempt to provide residents with a familiar environment.  In addition to the Town Square, is a courtyard, walking paths, sitting areas, and a potting shed for residents to pursue gardening.  The community offers 50 beds, specialized staff who are trained in dealing with individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s, as well as state of the art technology.   To find out more information regarding Fieldstone, click here

With excellent health care and housing options Yakima is a great option for senior living.  Along with the strong sense of community that comes from living in a smaller town, the Valley provides volunteer options, an arts community, and recreation options you’d expect to find in a larger city.  Add 300 days of sunshine, vibrant senior centers, and a host of other amenities and you have rich, fulfilling lifestyle options for Yakima’s retirees.

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