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Smorgasbord of summer fun

Smorgasbord of summer fun

June 17, 2014

School’s out and while sipping lemonade, basking in the sun and eating cherries is great, it is not enough to keep us and our Valley’s kids fully engaged all summer long.  Not to worry - we’ve got you covered.  I’ve put together a big list of links to keep you and an army of boys and girls busy right up until the moment that the school bell rings in September. 

Summer Sports – a great way to stay active, make new friends or try out something new.  Today, kids can choose from t-ball, yoga, Zumba, soccer and more

Summer Camps – from day camps to overnighters, here is a link to a comprehensive guide

Hardcore Runners – an evening summer race series that will have you lacing up your running sneakers and seeing who the fastest is in your family

Fishing – nothing says summer like a lazy day spent around a lake casting your rod for fish.  Here is the link to the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife’s fishing holes.  

Yakima Valley Library – I can’t imagine a summer without a couple of good reads.  The Yakima Valley Libraries offer up summer reading challenges for kids of all ages. 

U-Pick – smoothies, jam, pies, cooking with your kids is a great way to while away the afternoon – especially if comes from fruit that you harvested or picked up at the local farmers market

Outdoor Recreation – check out our web page devoted to all things outdoors.  Plan a river rafting trip, go for a hike, or spend an afternoon horseback riding. 

Pools – when the summer turns up the heat, cool off in one of the valley’s many pools

Volunteering – is a great way for kids to learn responsibility and community involvement

Day Trip – every month I write a travel blog on places to visit around Washington, be sure to check in for ideas on where to go next. 

Pippins Baseball – nothing says summer like a hot dog and a ball game, cheer on the new local team

So whether it’s paddleboarding down the Wenatchee River, mountain biking on our local trails, or visiting the state fair, be sure to include the Good Life blog as one of your summer destinations. 

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