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The Season is Ripe for U-Pick

The Season is Ripe for U-Pick

June 09, 2015

Living in the Valley has many perks, but u-pick season might just be one of my favorites.  Starting with asparagus and ending with apples, one could spend the whole season pickling, canning, jamming and baking, not to mention eating.  I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of local u-pick destinations that include just about any kind of fruit or vegetable you can think of.  If you’re itching to get picking, you don’t have to wait long:

Bill's Berry Farm:  U-pick strawberries are available now, with u-pick cherries and blueberries starting the week of June 16th.

Thompson's Farm:  U-pick dates still to be determined, but cherries are available for purchase at the store now.

Barrett Orchards:  Cherries and asparagus are available for purchase now, with u-pick cherries scheduled to start June 21st

Johnson Orchards:  Cherries, asparagus, apriums, and apples available for purchase now, u-pick cherries scheduled to start on June 23rd

Krueger Pepper Gardens:  Organic u-pick farm – August is the first available start date for peppers (over 50 varieties), tomatoes, and cucumbers.  For a full list of all u-pick items, please see website

Yakima U-Pick Berries & Fruit:  Raspberry u-pick starts 4th of July weekend, with blueberries available starting July 14th

Harmony Hill U-Pick:  U-pick dates not yet determined for raspberries and lavender. 

Selah Ridge Lavender Farm:  Lavender u-pick starts in early July, but in the meantime, find their products at Johnson Orchards or the Yakima Farmers Market. 

Imperial's Garden:  U-pick doesn’t start until August, in the meantime, stock up on all sorts of vegetables:  zucchini, beets, radishes, garlic, etc.  509-877-2766

Dagdagan Farm & Produce:  U-pick doesn’t start until August, but they are currently open with several different varieties of local vegetables, including:  asparagus, garlic, onion, kale and beets. 

Helpful reminders: 

  • Call ahead – dates are most often estimates, a spring rain could push dates back just as easily as several sunny days could push dates ahead
  • Leave pets at home – due to safety regulations, pets aren’t typically allowed in orchards or berry patches and the car can become an inferno in the spring/summer heat
  • Plan to start early in the day for cooler temperatures
  • Water, sunscreen, closed toed shoes, cash or checkbook are great things to make sure you have on hand before you head out into the field
  • Coolers, buckets, plastic bags can aid in the transportation of your newly harvested loot


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