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Wildlife Abounds in Yakima

Wildlife Abounds in Yakima

December 30, 2013

Despite the cold temperatures, there are plenty of reasons to bundle up and head outdoors; steelhead are surging up coastal rivers, waterfowl hunting is in full swing, and birders are gearing up around the state for the 114th annual Christmas Bird Count (check out our local chapters website for joining in on the bird counting fun).

Bull elk, bald eagles, and big horn ram are just a few animals you might see if you head out for some wildlife viewing in Yakima County.   The Cascade Mountains to our west uniquely position Yakima in a rain-shadow, creating many different types of habitats – from the desert floor, to woodlands, and even glacier-mantled peaks.

With over 30 designated sites open to the public, there is something for everybody and all levels.  Snow covered trails make it easier to track and sometimes even spot elusive animals like coyotes and rabbits.   There are also two feeding stations open during the winter months where one can get an up-close view of elk and bighorn sheep, in the Naches area.

Whether you strap on cross country skis or hiking boots, if you go out in the Yakima Valley, you won’t be disappointed by all the wildlife that abounds.

Check out these sources for additional information on planning your next trip:

Yakima County Wildlife Viewing Areas Includes Oak Creek, Sunnyside-Snake River, and Wenas viewing areas  |  Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge |  Yakima Audubon Wildlife Viewing Guide |  Eastern Washington Birding Locations

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