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Quality Retirement = Quality Health Care

Quality Retirement = Quality Health Care

September 17, 2013

As the number of retirees increase both regionally and nationally, Yakima is well positioned as a retirement destination to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Golf courses, biking and walking paths, swimming pools, and more can be found in our Valley. Along with the strong sense of community that comes from living in a smaller town.

The Yakima Valley delivers the type of first-class healthcare you would expect to find in a larger city. As Central Washington’s center for medicine, Yakima County provides its residents with excellent medical facilities and services. Technologically advanced equipment and first-class physicians in the Valley’s four hospitals and specialty clinics provide a full range of treatment A higher-than-average percentage of board-certified physicians represent virtually every medical specialty. The region’s healthcare organizations offer particularly good resources for Yakima’s seniors. In addition to fitness and health education classes, the Third Age program offered by Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital provides a wealth of information through their Third Age Alive newsletter, discounts and special programs such as grown-up driver’s ed.

Yakima Regional Cardiac & Medical Center, along with other local healthcare providers, provides Valley residents with Innovaging, A Guide for Seniors. This comprehensive publication offers contact information for local services and resources. In it, find topics related to healthcare, finance, and living life fully in later years. Among other information, the publication provides listings for clubs and service providers. Whether you are looking for care for you, your spouse or a family member finding compassionate care is essential for your peace of mind and quality of life. Heartlinks is a relatively new non-profit organization providing a wide spectrum of services to help patients and their families cope with terminal illness. Their goal is about “living” life fully and meaningfully providing a sense of security and comfort for the patient. This organization offers palliative care which they define as specialized medical care for people with serious illness, focused on symptoms, pain and stress – whatever the diagnosis. With the goal being improve the quality of life for the patient and their family working with an ARNP, social worker, volunteer, patient’s doctor or specialist who all work together to provide an additional layer of support and care.  They also provide hospice care throughout the entire Yakima Valley.

The following community resource can offer assistance and more information when you are researching available medical care options:  Yakima Valley Memorial HospitalYakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center | Toppenish HospitalSunnyside HospitalHeartlinks Palliative and Hospice CareCottage in the MeadowFarmer Workers Clinic  |  Community Health of Central Washington

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