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August 26, 2013

The Pirates Plunder Adventure Race Back By Popular Demand

Batten down the hatches, the Pirate Plunder is here again! 2013 marks the second year of the Pirate Plunder Adventure Race which is a 4+ mile obstacle course race that combines ever changing terrain with 16 obstacles to test your strength, stamina, and love of mud. You’ll climb over walls up to 14’ high, crawl through a 100’ long mud pit, slide down a 30’ water slide, and face many other challenges all while running through a blend of fields, tires, and mud pits! Once done, participants are greeted with a cold beverage, live music, and great food! This race is a great way to get you, your friends, and family off the couch, away from the TV, and covered in mud. So come on out and see if you’re worthy of the name “Pirate” or are you just another “Scallywag” in line to “Walk the Plank”! The 2013 race day will be Saturday, October 5th at “Pirate’s Landing,” located in Yakima, WA at the corner of Highway 24 and South 24th Street Click here to register. 

**You will notice the price has increased from last year but do not fret- you get something awesome in return! How does Full Digital Access to all photos taken during the event sound? You just download and print where ever you want! So the registration fee till Aug 31st will be $52.00, after that it increases to $62.00!

Volunteers are pretty much the most amazing people on the planet! They are giving, helpful, hard working, and just downright awesome. In other words, we LOVE volunteers!!! We are always looking for people or groups that are willing to volunteer for our events. If you feel the calling to be the best volunteer ever and help with a new local event, please contact us at: We will need volunteers Friday, October 4th for packet pickup, and all day Saturday, October 5th during the event. Please fill out the Volunteer Registration form and return it to the Yakima Valley Sports Commission office. There will be a required volunteer/on course Pirate meeting Wednesday, October 2nd at 5:30pm at Pirate’s Landing where you will receive your event staff shirt, instructions, your parking pass, and other important event information. For questions or information, please call the Yakima Valley Sports Commission at 509-575-3010 or email or visit the website at

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