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101 Reasons to Love the Yakima Valley

May 23, 2013

We Invite You to Take a Visual Tour With Us Slide1 The Live Yakima Valley website touts the excellent quality of life we enjoy in the Yakima Valley. It is used as a resource by human resource professionals and others as a tool when they are looking to recruit someone from outside the area. It is loaded with information about our schools, community organizations, housing and more.

For almost a year now, the site has been under construction in subtle waves of improvement as we strive to keep our information, as well as the look, feel and functionality of the site current and user friendly. One of the most trafficked areas of the site has been the Take a Visual Tour link.  As our team started to improve this tour it quickly became overwhelming – we had so many great pictures at our disposal. How were we supposed to choose the best 24 or so, shots of the Yakima Valley from Tieton to Sunnyside and everywhere in between? How were we going to promote the abundant outdoor recreation available year round? What about the arts, entertainment and cultural opportunities that happen almost every night in the Valley? And then there’s the sun, the wine, the great schools (both K-12 and secondary), our rich history and every community along the way that makes us so special?  Well we failed.

What you will find in its place is 101 Reasons to Love the Yakima Valley. And truth be told, there’s probably more than that in the slide show but trust us we did our best. When I was done I shared the link with family and friends, some of whom live out of state and have never visited our neck of the woods. “Wow! It’s beautiful!” was the most common response to the post. ‘Yeah, it is,’ I thought to myself proud of the visual story that tells part of the story, teases if you will, outsiders interested in visiting and possibly moving here and becoming our neighbor. If you are thinking of moving here or coming for a visit we invite you to take the tour. If you live here and you want to share the richness, uniqueness and natural beauty of our Valley share the link with family and friends. You might have some surprise guests this summer.

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"You get the best of both worlds over here. If you get an itch for the city, you're only two hours away, but here you're close to hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and great wineries!" - Sarah Cassell Frenzel, Valley Resident