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Yakima Ranks 10th in Well Being

April 01, 2013

liveimagery_coupleWe seem to be living well in the Yakima Valley these days. According to the 2012 Gallup Well Being survey, Yakima ranked in the top ten among small cities across the United States.  The survey measured life evaluation, emotional health, physical health, healthy behavior, and work environment factors and basic access in 189 metro areas. Other northwest cities receiving top rankings include Bellingham at number 4, Medford Oregon at number 8 and Yakima rounding out the top 10.

According to New Vision’s Dave McFadden, “With our great weather and outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities it does not come as much of a surprise to see Yakima near the top of the Well-Being Index.” Other small cities in the top ten include:

1. Burlington-South Burlington, VT

2. Barnstable Town, MA

3. Charlottesville, VA

4. Bellingham, WA

5. Sioux Falls, SD

6. Billings, MT

7. Prescott, AZ

8. Medford, OR

9. Topeka, KS

10. Yakima, WA

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI), an average of six sub-indices:Life

Evaluation, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Healthy Behavior, Work Environment

and Basic Access, is the preeminent source for well-being data in the United States.

The first-ever daily assessment of U.S. residents’ well-being, the WBI provides real time

measurement and insights needed to improve health, increase productivity

and lower healthcare costs.

With five years of research and analysis of the opinions of more than 1.7 million

people, the WBI has garnered significant national and international recognition.
This is excellent news as companies look to relocate or expand into our Valley. We constantly tout our excellent quality of life and now we have hard facts to back up our story.

Survey Definitions:

* Ranking of 189 Metropolitan Statistical Areas

* Source: Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index Survey 2012, n=353,564

* U.S. Census Bureau definitions for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) were used to define city populations;

City Population = below 250,000 (small); 250,000 to 1 million (mid-size); over 1 million (large)

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