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Yakima Named a Top 15 Housing Market

February 28, 2013

It's a Great Time To Buy in Yakima! familyhome3 Business Insider, one of the fastest growing and successful online publications for financial, media, technical, and related news, has named Yakima one of the top 15 housing markets in the country over the next five years. With national home prices expected to climb 0.3% in the next year, according to the latest home price report by Fiserv-Shiller and 3.3% over the next five years, Business Insider looked at the top 15 cities with projected annualized change in home prices between Q2 and Q2 2017 as well as the median home price, median household income, unemployment rate, and the change in home prices since their peak. This offers a broader view of the local economy and housing markets nationally. Overall Yakima was ranked fourth overall!

Factors included: Annualized expected growth from 2012 - 2017:  7.8% Home prices in Yakima are down 8.1 percent since their Q1 2009 peak. It has a median home price of $168,800. Yakima also has a population of 247,141, an unemployment rate of 10.2%, and a median family income of $47,800. The Yakima housing sector has been making news for over a year now including being tapped as one of the six markets in Washington showing a strong turnaround since the recession: Yakima Housing Market One of Six Markets in Washington State Showing a Turnaround. 

The cost of living in Yakima also made national news last month as the lowest in the Northwest: Yakima County Lowest Cost of Living in the Northwest.

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