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Farm Fresh Produce in the Heart of Wine Country

Sip award-winning wines under sunny skies, savor the pure abundance of seasonal harvests, and experience wine country cuisine — all in the heart of the Yakima Valley.Exciting new restauraYakima Valley Winents alongside long-time favorites honor the seasons and celebrate the cultural 


diversity of the region.  World-class wineries and wine country events from intimate to grand help make the Yakima Valley a food and wine destination.  Abundant Valley harvests create a culinary paradise for food lovers.

For those who make their homes in the Valley, the choices never end.

Bountiful Harvests Experience the beauty of Valley orchards, celebrate the seasons at farmer’s markets and produce stands, and enjoy the abundance of local harvests at u-pick farms.

Yakima Valley Wine Country Celebrating a string of milestones and awards for Valley wineries, there’s never been a more exciting time to visit or live in wine country.

Valley Dining Destinations From fine-dining favorites and casual classics, to fresh and flavorful authentic Mexican cuisine, you’ll find fabulous restaurants for every occasion.




Bountiful Harvests

Farmers Market

Valley Traditions The spectacular scenery of area orchards creates the perfect backdrop to experience the abundance of the region. Rich agricultural traditions, sunny skies and fertile soils make the Yakima Valley one of the most productive growing regions in the world.

Farmer’s Markets Whether you’re looking for organic seasonal specialties,just-picked Yakima asparagus, a good deal on your favorite apples or goods from local artisans, you’ll find it all at regional farmers' markets.

U-Pick Farms and Specialty Stands Experience bountiful Yakima harvests with a trip to one of the Valley’s u-pick farms.

Valley Produce Stands Overflowing with crops from local growers, produce stands throughout the Valley are a haven for casual home cooks and culinary enthusiasts alike.

Resources Plan a farm tour, find maps to your favorite produce stands, check the seasonal harvest guide, or take a peak at farmers' market vendors with guides from local experts.



Valley Traditions

Red Delicious, Yakima Valley

A drive through Yakima Valley orchards, branches blanketed with springtime blossoms or hanging heavy with fruit, captures the pure abundance of the Yakima Valley. In one of the most productive growing regions in the world, a 150-year agricultural history rich with tradition defines the culture of the region.

Under sunny skies on more than 500,000 acres of fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soil, Valley farmers produce far more than luscious fruits and vegetables. Washington’s agricultural industries are vital to the state economy. The tree-fruit industry alone produces more than 140,000 jobs for Washington families and generates nearly $10 billion in economic impact each year, with well more than $2 billion coming from the Yakima Valley.

Multi-generational growers produce more apples, pears, sweet cherries, and hops - more than any other state in the nation. Washington ranks second in asparagus, apricot, and grape production and Valley growers also produce an array of specialty crops from blueberries to chili peppers.

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Farmers' Markets

Food BasketWhether you’re looking for just-picked Yakima asparagus, perfect pluots, hard-to-find specialty ingredients, the latest from the Valley’s organic growers, and handmade goods from local artisans, you’ll find it all at regional farmers' markets.

Visit the Yakima Farmers' Market in the heart of downtown every Sunday, May through October, for everything from seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to artisan pastries, roasted nuts, flowers, freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade, and handmade craft and gift items.

Every Saturday, May through October, the nearby Prosser Farmers' Market offers fresh fruits and vegetables, plants and cut flowers, artisan breads, cookies and pastries, gourmet cheeses, espresso, woven baskets, and unique art and craft items.  You'll also find farmers' markets in Sunnyside, Selah, Tieton, and nearby Ellensburg and Goldendale.



U-Pick Farms and Specialty Stands

U-pick Farm

Experience the abundance of Valley harvests first-hand and plan an outing to farms that let you enjoy the beauty of Yakima orchards in the heart of the city, or farms from Naches and Selah, to Zillah and Wapato. Follow the seasons and find a place to pick your own blueberries, chili peppers, mini pumpkins, and each of Yakima’s tree fruits from cherries, apricots, and pluots, to nectarines, peaches, pears, and apples.

Many of the Valley’s u-pick farms offer hand-made specialty foods and gifts in quaint markets and shops. Pick up some freshly pressed cider, homemade jams and jellies, sweet and savory fruit sauces, marinated asparagus, apple potpourri, dried chili peppers, house wares, and handmade gifts from local artisans.

Plan a family outing or a day with friends to enjoy picnics in orchard settings or stroll through herb gardens and visit with goats, Babydoll sheep, and chickens.



Valley Produce Stands

Produce stands dot the Valley featuring bins overflowing with crops from one end of the Valley to the other and offer an array of seasonal specialties and signature crops in convenient settings. Stop by to stock up or choose something special for dinner.


See what’s in season with a local harvest guide, plan a scenic farm tour, find maps to the Valley’s best produce stands, or check out local farmers' market vendors with guides from local experts.

Resource Links for Yakima Valley Harvests
Product Map and Seasonal Harvest Guide |  Yakima Valley U-Pick Farms |  Farm Fresh Fun Guide | 

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Yakima Valley Wine Country

Yakima Valley WineWorld-Class Washington Wine There’s never been a more exciting time to live in wine country, with award-winning wines and vineyards that help preserve the natural beauty and rich agricultural heritage of our region.

Plan a Tasting Tour Enjoy sweeping wine country vistas while you sip and savor award-winning Washington wines.

Wine Country Events Celebrate the wine country with special events throughout the year.

Resources Fabulous groups and organizations share their expertise with innovative guides and information to help you learn all about Washington wine country.


World-Class Washington Wine

grapes ready to be pickedWith the latest in a string of awards and rapid growth in the Washington wine industry, there’s never been a more exciting time to make your home in Yakima wine country. The Yakima Valley’s world-class vineyards and wineries contribute to economic growth in and around the Valley while those in the industry work to preserve the natural beauty and rich agricultural heritage of our region. Yakima Valley vineyards are in the same latitude as the great wine-producing regions of France, making Yakima a prime destination for winemakers from throughout the world who craft widely acclaimed wines, earning consistently high scores from the major wine media.

These days you won’t travel more than a few miles through Eastern Washington without another winery or three popping up. More than 100 of the state’s 650+ wineries are located in the Yakima Valley area, which includes four distinct appellations: Yakima Valley, Red Mountain, Rattlesnake Hills, and Snipes Mountain. You’ll find still more in nearby Columbia Valley and Walla Walla areas. VIC InteriorNo matter where you go, you can expect Washington wine country’s entrepreneurial spirit and down-to-earth character. You’re as likely to be served, entertained, and educated by the winemakers or owners themselves.

You can choose to visit quaint, no-frills wineries or grand tasting rooms delivering a Napa-worthy experience. You might find yourself relaxing on an expansive patio while you enjoy sweeping wine country vistas, at a formal tasting counter in a French Chateau, in a modern facility where the wine maker and owners embrace eco-friendly production practices and green building philosophies, sharing tasting notes with the wine maker in his basement tasting room or in a cozy, restored barn.


Plan a Tasting Tour

Wine Tasting on Horseback

Start your tasting tour in Yakima, the Gateway to Wine Country. For maps, event information, and foods and gifts made by local artisans, visit the Tuscan-themed Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center at 101 N. Fair Avenue, just off I-82 at exit #110.

Schedule a guided driving tour, carriage tour, guided horseback riding tour, or plan your own route with the Washington Wine Commission’s winery tour planning guide.

Tour the Red Route from the Yakima Visitors & Convention Bureau or try one of the Washington Wine Country organization’s touring guides. 

Touring wine country, you’ll find wines crafted with varietals such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, cabernet franc, lemberger, sangiovese, malbec, petit verdot, pinot noir, chardonnay, semillon, viognier, gewürztraminer, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, and much more!

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Wine Country Events

Wine with FriendsEvery year, residents and visitors from throughout the Northwest look forward to seasonal wine country celebrations.  Many wineries also host wine maker’s dinners and their own special events, ranging from tapas night, wine and cheese tastings, and live music events, to cooking classes, Sunday Brunch, and a New Year’s hilltop toast.

Thanksgiving in Wine Country Every Thanksgiving weekend, beginning on Friday, wineries throughout the Valley debut new releases, feature autumn-inspired wine and food pairings, and offer tips for pairing Valley wines with local, seasonal foods.

Red Wine and Chocolate Red Wine & Chocolate, Piety Flats WinerySet the stage for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with a wine country tour sampling delectable chocolate treats paired with Valley reds.

Sunshine & Wine, Yakima Valley

Spring Barrel Tasting Each April, enjoy the drive through Valley cherry orchards in full bloom and visit area wineries to learn about wine making 

processes from the wine makers themselves. Sample new vintages straight from the barrel and enjoy local specialties such as gourmet cheeses, fried asparagus, and sweet and savory fruit sauces. Beat the crowds and have more time to talk with the wine makers during the “pre-barrel tasting” the weekend before.

Other Events Don’t forget about events in nearby Prosser and Columbia Valley areas — Prosser’s Balloon Rally in October, the Prosser Wine & Food Fair in August and Columbia Crest’s annual Kite Festival in March.



Wine lovers have plenty to experience and savor in the Yakima Valley.  Find maps, guides, and other resources to begin your journey.

Resource Links for Yakima Valley Wine Country
Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau's Winery Guide |  Yakima Valley Wine Country Map |  Wine Yakima Valley |  Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail |  Downtown Yakima Winery & Restaurant Guide |  Washington Wine Commission  

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Valley Dining Destinations

Flavors of The Valley Yakima  Valley CuisineAgricultural heritage, a dedication to seasonal cuisine, and cultural influences make dining throughout the Valley a memorable experience.

Dining in Yakima From fine dining and casual classics to authentic Mexican favorites, you’ll find something for everyone.

Valley Dining Restaurants in the mid and lower Yakima Valley, Naches, and local mountain passes capture the diversity of the region.

Resources Plan your night out or lunch with friends using extensive regional dining local guides



Flavors of The Valley

Mexican Cuisine, Goodys Restaurant

There’s more than wine to enjoy in the Yakima Valley.

The Valley’s dining scene delivers exciting new choices alongside long-time favorites. From upscale dining destinations and wine bars to burgers, casual bistros, and coffee houses, the Valley offers something for everyone. Bountiful harvests inspire a dedication to seasonal cuisine, making the most of our rich agricultural traditions.

Thanks to the cultural influences of the Valley’s thriving Mexican community, Yakima is home to a vast array of restaurants reflecting the culinary traditions of Mexico’s Jalisco and Michoacán states. Enjoy tender, melt-in-your-mouth, handmade tortillas and fresh salsas and guacamole made in authentic style. Savor complex layers of flavor in meats prepared with savory sauces featuring a variety of chilis, spices, and herbs. Choose from specialties such as handmade tamales, enchiladas, and traditional carnitas and pescado blanco (white fish) served in soft tacos. Of course, you can’t forget about the taco trucks! Many argue that you find the best Mexican foods at trucks serving traditional favorites throughout the Valley.

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Italian Linens

Dining in Yakima

Enjoy gourmet Italian specialties, classic European cuisine or casual, fine dining in upscale restaurants celebrated as Yakima traditions. Artisan bakeries tempt with handmade breads and pastries, as well as innovative lunch and dinner menus. One of Yakima’s newest restaurants features fine meats and seafood grilled over apple wood and offers a seasonal dining experience to rival big city favorites.

Find authentic Mexican, Indian, and Thai foods in cozy, vibrant spaces. Take a deli-style lunch break, gather after work at a vibrant, casual, downtown grill or pub, or experience fantastic happy hours at several restaurant bars. Choose classic comfort food at area diners or choose from national chains with menus ranging from casual Italian to gourmet burgers and fine steaks.

Heading toward Yakima’s west side, choose from panini and pasta at lively bistros, sample cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean, or choose from the casual menu and Northwest microbrews at a laid-back pub.


Valley Dining

Cheese, Bread, and Preserves

Mid and lower Valley restaurants from Zillah and Toppenish to Grandview and Sunnyside capture the diversity of the region, featuring home-style classics, authentic Mexican foods, Native American dishes, brewpub favorites, and fine dining in beautifully renovated historic buildings. Sample an old-fashioned soda or milkshake, take a coffee break in Seattle coffeehouse style, share a pizza, grab lunch at popular area burger joints or visit tempting taquerias and taco trucks. New additions to the Lower Valley dining scene include a winery tapas bar, a wine country bistro with a fantastic wine lists, and fresh bakery. Don’t forget the latest wine bars in nearby Prosser.

In Naches, look forward to old-fashioned drive-in burgers, casual cafes, bakery treats and pub fare in a restored bar and grill. On mountain pass byways, experience comfortable cafes and cozy lodges featuring specialty menus.


Begin experiencing the Valley's multi-cultural and award-winning cuisine knowing it's all in our own backyard.

Resource Links for Valley Dining Destinations
Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau's "What to Eat" Guide |  Gasperetti's Restaurant   |  Snipes Mountain Brewery & Restaurant |  Hilton Garden Inn's Great American Grill

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