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About Our Valley

Welcome to the Yakima Valley     

The pure pleasure of living and working in the Yakima Valley has been one of the Pacific Northwest’s best-kept secrets. But it's a secret no more!

  • Nearly 300 days of sunshine each year entice visitors and residents alike. 
  • Year-round recreational opportunities make our Valley hard to resist. 
  • The Valley's agricultural bounty provides rich lifestyle opportunities

The region's steady economy, affordable housing, superior medical facilities, and excellent educational opportunities make our Valley special. 

But it’s the people who are our greatest resource – friendly caring people who reflect the Yakima Valley’s rich, multi-cultural heritage. 





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"My husband and I were actually looking for a vacation property in the Yakima area. We fell in love with the community, quit our jobs and moved here from Seattle." - Theresa Pritchard, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital